Windows 10 tablet for Flourishing Business

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Technology has changed our lifestyle to a great extent. With the advent of technological innovations, new devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers are selling like hotcakes in the business market. Without them, all the daily routine activities will get halt. One of the blessing to us is a tablet that offers multifarious features like portability, power, and cost-effectiveness. It is interesting to note that the tablet is one-third of the weight of a laptop. There is no hassle in carrying it from one point to another. To get better reviews, click on ReviewsCon.

Thought, it might happen, if you are going to buy a tablet (Windows 10), that comes with numerous features depending upon the customers’ requirements, you will get confused.

Surface Go

Surface Go is an up-gradation in surface 3 2015 tablets. It is a magnesium chassis having a 10-inch display. In addition to this, it has an Intel Pentium gold processor with 8 GB RAM.  A digital pen performing dual functionality of drawing and writing is a big addon.  We can expand storage space as it comes with Micro SD Card. It is very cost-effective because it costs $399 only. A type cover will be added on to price by $99 contributing a total of 600 dollars. The battery standby lasts for 6 to 7 hours only. Looking for something cheap Go for it!

Windows 10 tablet for Flourishing Business

Samsung Galaxy Book 2

A netizen will look for this kind of tablet and has an LTE feature which means can use 4g on it. It has an ARM which enhances its battery capabilities than any regular tab has SAMOLED display colors pop up.  It is a Tab with a good battery backup.ReviewsCon will suggest better options for this.


A person who is covetous is the best choice for them as it supports detachable keyboard and covers with a 64 GB storage 4 GB RAM atom z8 350 processor. It is recommended for light browsing, checking emails and social media as well. For editing photos and videos, this is not the right choice indeed. To know better information regarding tablets, Go through, ReviewsCon.

Surface 6 pro

An upgraded version of earlier models of surface pro dual qualities of a laptop and a tab with a stylus pen. It has great design, quality, and smooth black shell. A good battery life of 13 hours with a 12.3 inches display. It can also inculcate lots of apps.

Google Pixel Slate

Making a choice of Google OS this tab works wonders. The unique selling point of this tablet is it has both Chrome OS and Google Play app stores. It can collaborate with Linux applications. An excellent mix and match of a tablet with a laptop. The demerit it carries is, it costs around $999 which is less proposed.

To sum up, one of the most tedious tasks is to choose the right product from a number of options available in the market. Certain parameters such as performance of the device, connectivity, storage, battery life, and budget-friendliness should be kept in mind while making tablet choices for business needs.